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Asia Day of Action calls for “Tax Justice for Genuine People’s Recovery!”September 23, 2023asiatax-justiceenglish
Tax Justice Now, towards Ending Inequalities And Building People’s Recovery and Resilience, , September 23, 2023asia globaltax tax-justiceenglish
Safai Karamcharis Andolan on Budget Promise on Sewage System, Agustus 29, 2023indiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Melihat Uang Pajak Negara Disalahgunakan: Perempuan Menuntut Keadilan Pajak, Maret 9, 2023indonesiagender-equality tax-justicebahasa-indonesia
2023 Dalit and Adivasi Budget Analysis (DABA), Februari 12, 2023indiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Global Protest to Fight Inequality 2023, , Januari 23, 2023asia indiaglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Statement during the 2023 Global Protest to Fight Inequality, Januari 20, 2023globalglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Stop Killing Us!: Over 150 days of campaigning to end the needless deaths of sanitation workersOktober 10, 2022indiamanual-scavengingenglish
Tax Justice Now for People’s Recovery!, , September 15, 2022asia globaltax tax-justiceenglish
Tax the Rich, Not the Poor!: A Call to Institute A Wealth Tax, September 2, 2022asiatax tax-justiceenglish
Reject the OECD/G20 BEPS Tax Deal of the Rich! UN Tax Convention Now!, Agustus 28, 2022asia globaltax-justiceenglish
Tax the Rich, Not the Poor!: A Call to Institute A Wealth Tax, , Agustus 24, 2022asia philippinestax tax-justiceenglish
APMDD Statement on International Youth Day, Agustus 12, 2022asia globalglobal-inequalitiesenglish
Suara Perempuan Adat Harusnya Ada dalam Semua Negosiasi W20 G20, Juli 21, 2022indonesiagender-equality global-inequalitiesbahasa-indonesia
Hari Kartini 2022: Perekonomian Perempuan Bali Masih Terjepit dalam Himpitan Pandemi COVID-19April 21, 2022indonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
Asian Development Banks’s Asia Pacific Tax Hub a Trojan Horse, April 8, 2022asiaglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Interview to Safai Karmachari Andolan’s director Bezwada Wilson, Maret 31, 2022indiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Women from all walks of life walk together and call out for change, Maret 18, 2022indonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia english
Hari Perempuan Internasional “Perempuan Indonesia menuntut Keadilan Gender dan Keadilan Ekonomi”Maret 8, 2022indonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
What’s in store for the Dalit-Adivasi Budget 2022-23, Februari 2, 2022indiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
On the need for attention to Safai Karmacharis within Dalit literature, November 20, 2021indiacaste-discrimination manual-scavenginghindi
G20-Proposed 15% global minimum corporate tax rate to give more benefits to corporations, more undue burden on the poor, , Oktober 30, 2021asia globaltax tax-justiceenglish
“We’re trying to send missions to Mars, but don’t harness tech to stop manual scavenging”, Oktober 7, 2021indiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Global Days of Action for Tax Justice 2021, , September 26, 2021asia indiaglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Webinar – Inequalities, Public Services and Tax Justice, , Agustus 10, 2021asia globalglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Civil society rejects “false solutions” in the OECD/G20 tax proposals, , Juli 13, 2021asia globaltax tax-justicebahasa-indonesia
APMDD Reaction to the Communique of the G20 Third Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, , , Juli 12, 2021asia globaldebt-justice financing-for-development tax-justiceenglish
Why the G7 joint agreement on new global tax rules is not fair nor ambitious, Juni 6, 2021globalglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish