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Civil Society Financing for Development Mechanism – Regional Briefing: Asia, , , 18 Juli 2023ei-publications end-inequalitiesasia globalfinancing-for-development gender-equality global-inequalitiesenglish
Webinar – Dalit and CDWD Youth: Movements of Past and Way Forward25 Maret 2023ei-videos end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discriminationenglish
Tax the wealthy, not the working women – Issue brief on women and wealth taxes, , 20 Maret 2023ei-publications end-inequalitiesasia globalgender-equality tax-justiceenglish
2023 Dalit and Adivasi Budget Analysis (DABA), , 12 Februari 2023ei-news ei-publications end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Ina Na Marjuang10 Januari 2023ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiaglobal-inequalitiesbahasa-indonesia
Dalit Women & Girl Sanitation Workers: Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent, 15 Desember 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Potret Perempuan dalam Ketidakadilan Gender dan Ekonomi di Indonesia: Prosiding Konsultasi di 10 Kota10 Desember 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
Ewen Bawi Ji Bajuang, 19 November 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equality global-inequalitiesbahasa-indonesia
Gender Responsive Budgeting for Dalit Women, 15 Oktober 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discrimination genderenglish
Policy action needed to tackle discrimination on work and descent in contemporary forms of slavery: South Asia, , 30 September 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesasia indiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Asia Days of Action for Tax Justice 2022, , , 24 September 2022ei-campaign ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia globalglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Communities Discriminated on Work & Descent People’s Assembly – September 2022, 22 September 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia indiacaste-discriminationenglish
Press Conference – Tax Justice Now, For People’s Recovery, , 16 September 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia globalillicit-financial-flows tax-justiceenglish
Webinar – Wealth Tax for Tax Justice: A Call Whose Time Has Come, 31 Agustus 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia globaltax-justiceenglish
Stop Manual Scavenging, , 24 Agustus 2022ei-campaign ei-videos end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Recognizing unpaid care workers through tax and fiscal justice, , , 22 Juli 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesasia globalgender-equality global-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Webinar – How to achieve the SDGs despite the worsening hunger and poverty crisis?, , , 9 Juli 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia indiacaste-discrimination gender-equality global-inequalitiesenglish
Communities Discriminated on Work & Descent People’s Assembly – June 2022, 1 Juli 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia indiacaste-discriminationenglish
Webinar: Debt Justice and Tax Justice in the Face of the Multiple Crises, , , 22 Mei 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia globaldebt-justice global-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Ketimpangan Ekonomi & Gender di Indonesai: Kajian Analisa Feminisme Ekonomi17 Mei 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
Who is really at the table when global tax rules get decided?27 April 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesglobaltax-justiceenglish
Thematic Briefing on Domestic Resource Mobilization, , , 15 April 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesglobalfinancing-for-development tax-justiceenglish french spanish
Bagaimana Negara Menyebabkan Kemiskinan Structural?13 April 2022ei-infographics end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
Catatan Akhir Tahun Advokasi Kasus Solidaritas Perempuan 2021: Geliat Perjuangan Perempuan Melawan Dominasi Kuasa Di Tengah Pemulihan Palsu Negara9 April 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
Food estate = Tanam Paksa?, , 7 April 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equality global-inequalitiesbahasa-indonesia english
Kisah Perempuan Nelayan Pesisir Makassar Perjuangkan Hak, 4 April 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equality global-inequalitiesbahasa-indonesia
Interview to Safai Karmachari Andolan’s director Bezwada Wilson, , 31 Maret 2022ei-news ei-videos end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Webinar – Building Forward: Communities Affected by Modern Slavery in Asia, 29 Maret 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia indiacaste-discriminationenglish
Proposal for a United Nations Convention on Tax, , 10 Maret 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesglobaltax-justiceenglish french spanish
Seminar Hari Perempuan Internasional9 Maret 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
Konferensi Pers – Hari Perempuan Internasional9 Maret 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
Hari Perempuan Internasional 2022, 8 Maret 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia english
Press Conference – Dalit Adivasi Budget Analysis 2022-233 Februari 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discriminationenglish
Global Protest to Fight Inequality 2022, , , , , 24 Januari 2022ei-campaign ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia india indonesiaglobal-inequalities illicit-financial-flows tax-justiceenglish
Tax the Rich, Not the Poor! Make Taxes Work for People and the Planet!, 21 Januari 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesasia globaltax-justiceenglish
An Introductory Guide to Financing for Development by the Civil Society FfD Group, , , , , 27 September 2021ei-publications end-inequalitiesglobalfinancing-for-developmentarabic english french german russian spanish
Watch the video of the Days of Action for Tax Justice 202124 September 2021ei-videos end-inequalitiesindiatax-justiceenglish
Our Stories: Time for Solidarity, Time to Rewrite the Rules, , 25 Agustus 2021ei-cartoons end-inequalitiesasia globalgender-equality tax-justiceenglish
Women Want Tax Justice! Not the OECD-G7-G20 Tax Deal!, 13 Agustus 2021end-inequalities ei-videosasiatax-justiceenglish
Big Pharma Infographic by APMDD30 Juni 2021ei-infographics end-inequalitiesglobaltax-justiceenglish
Make Taxes Work for Women, 10 Mei 2021ei-cartoons end-inequalitiesglobalgender-equality tax-justiceenglish