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This is a collection of publications, videos, infographics and other resources, produced within the framework of this project, or relevant to the aims of this project. Use the filters below to find the resources most relevant to your interests.

Civil Society Financing for Development Mechanism – Regional Briefing: Asia, , , July 18, 2023ei-publications end-inequalitiesasia globalfinancing-for-development gender-equality global-inequalitiesenglish
Tax the wealthy, not the working women – Issue brief on women and wealth taxes, , March 20, 2023ei-publications end-inequalitiesasia globalgender-equality tax-justiceenglish
2023 Dalit and Adivasi Budget Analysis (DABA), , February 12, 2023ei-news ei-publications end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Documentary “Ina Na Marjuang”, , January 10, 2023ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equality global-inequalitiesbahasa-indonesia english
Dalit Women & Girl Sanitation Workers: Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent, December 15, 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Portraits of women facing gender and economic inequality in Indonesia: Findings from consultations in 10 citiesDecember 10, 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
Documentary “Ewen Bawi Ji Bajuang”, , November 19, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equality global-inequalitiesbahasa-indonesia english
Gender Responsive Budgeting for Dalit Women, October 15, 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discrimination genderenglish
Policy action needed to tackle discrimination on work and descent in contemporary forms of slavery: South Asia, , September 30, 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesasia indiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Reject the OECD/G20 BEPS Tax Deal of the Rich! UN Tax Convention Now!, , , September 28, 2022ei-campaign ei-news end-inequalitiesasia globalillicit-financial-flows tax-justiceenglish
Asia Days of Action 2022 – Tax Justice Now for People’s Recovery, , , September 26, 2022ei-campaign ei-news end-inequalitiesasia indiaglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Asia Days of Action for Tax Justice 2022, , , September 24, 2022ei-campaign ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia globalglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Asia Day of Action calls for “Tax Justice for Genuine People’s Recovery!”, September 23, 2022ei-campaign ei-news end-inequalitiesasiatax-justiceenglish
Tax Justice Now, towards Ending Inequalities And Building People’s Recovery and Resilience, , , September 23, 2022ei-campaign ei-news end-inequalitiesasia globalglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Communities Discriminated on Work & Descent People’s Assembly – September 2022, September 22, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia indiacaste-discriminationenglish
Press Conference – Tax Justice Now, For People’s Recovery, , September 16, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia globalillicit-financial-flows tax-justiceenglish
Webinar – Wealth Tax for Tax Justice: A Call Whose Time Has Come, August 31, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia globaltax-justiceenglish
Stop Manual Scavenging, August 24, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Recognizing unpaid care workers through tax and fiscal justice, , July 22, 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesasia globalgender-equality tax-justiceenglish
Indigenous women’s voices should be heard in all W20 G20 negotiations, , July 21, 2022ei-campaign ei-news end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equality global-inequalitiesbahasa-indonesia
Webinar – How to achieve the SDGs despite the worsening hunger and poverty crisis?, , , July 9, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia indiacaste-discrimination gender-equality global-inequalitiesenglish
Communities Discriminated on Work & Descent People’s Assembly – June 2022, July 1, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia indiacaste-discriminationenglish
Economic and Gender Inequality in Indonesia: A feminist economics analysisMay 17, 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
Who is really at the table when global tax rules get decided?April 27, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesglobaltax-justiceenglish
Fighting inequalities in the global tax system: Stop the foxed from building the chicken coop, , , , April 22, 2022end-inequalities ei-videosglobal philippinestax tax-justice un-tax-bodyenglish
Thematic Briefing on Domestic Resource Mobilization, , , April 15, 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesglobalfinancing-for-development tax-justiceenglish french spanish
State role in structural povertyApril 13, 2022ei-infographics end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
2021 Advocacy Case Studies in Indonesia: The struggle of women against the domination of power in the midst of the state’s false recoveryApril 9, 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
Food estate = Forced cultivation?, , April 7, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equality global-inequalitiesbahasa-indonesia english
Women’s Portrait – Zainab, a fisher woman from Makassar, April 4, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equality global-inequalitiesbahasa-indonesia
Interview to Safai Karmachari Andolan’s director Bezwada Wilson, , March 31, 2022ei-news ei-videos end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discrimination manual-scavengingenglish
Webinar – Building Forward: Communities Affected by Modern Slavery in Asia, March 29, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia indiacaste-discriminationenglish
Webinar – Dalit and CDWD Youth: Movements of Past and Way ForwardMarch 25, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discriminationenglish
Proposal for a United Nations Convention on Tax, , March 10, 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesglobaltax-justiceenglish french spanish
Seminar – International Women’s DayMarch 9, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
Press Conference – International Women’s Day 2022March 9, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia
International Women’s Day 2022 – Hari Perempuan Internasional 2022, March 8, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindonesiagender-equalitybahasa-indonesia english
Press Conference – Dalit Adivasi Budget Analysis 2022-23February 3, 2022ei-videos end-inequalitiesindiacaste-discriminationenglish
Global Protest to Fight Inequality 2022, , , , , January 24, 2022ei-campaign ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia india indonesiaglobal-inequalities illicit-financial-flows tax-justiceenglish
Tax the Rich, Not the Poor! Make Taxes Work for People and the Planet!January 21, 2022ei-publications end-inequalitiesasiatax-justiceenglish
An Introductory Guide to Financing for Development by the Civil Society FfD Group, , , , , , September 27, 2021ei-publications end-inequalitiesglobalfinancing-for-development tax-justicearabic english french german russian spanish
Global Days of Action for Tax Justice 2021, , , September 27, 2021ei-campaign ei-news end-inequalitiesasia indiaglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Watch the video of the Days of Action for Tax Justice 2021, September 24, 2021ei-videos end-inequalitiesasiaglobal-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Women Want Tax Justice! Not the OECD-G7-G20 Tax Deal!, September 13, 2021ei-videos end-inequalitiesasiagender-equality tax-justiceenglish
Our Stories: Time for Solidarity, Time to Rewrite the Rules, , August 25, 2021ei-cartoons end-inequalitiesasia globalgender-equality tax-justiceenglish
Big Pharma Infographic by APMDDJune 30, 2021ei-infographics end-inequalitiesglobaltax-justiceenglish
Webinar: Debt Justice and Tax Justice in the Face of the Multiple Crises, , , May 22, 2021ei-videos end-inequalitiesasia globaldebt-justice global-inequalities tax-justiceenglish
Make Taxes Work for Women, May 10, 2021ei-cartoons end-inequalitiesglobalgender-equality tax-justiceenglish
Kenya, Covid-19 and Debt, November 5, 2020economic-justice-for-all ei-publications end-inequalitieskenyaenglish